A different type of recruitment firm

TB-Group can help you find the right person, at the right time. Regardless of whether you have an ongoing requirement or are in need of a one-off recruitment, we can help you.

A unique business idea in recruitment

TB-Group works with a unique business idea that stands out in a traditional industry. We assist you with your recruitment needs, when and for as long as you need our help, without any long contractual commitments.
We focus on tailored solutions and offer a subscription-based service that matches your specific needs.

Specialists in long-term, qualitative relationships

Our recruiters are experts in creating long-term, qualitative relationships. Through proactive networking and a consultative approach, we reach a broader market within niche areas of expertise. In this way we are able to provide efficient recruitment processes and assure the quality of your specific recruitment.

Our Business Areas

IT / Industry

Economics / Management

Installation / Construction

Community Building / Infrastructure

Some of our business partners

Free candidate search!
We will do a candidate search and check the market for free.

Free research?

Let us get back to you with suggestions of relevant profiles based on what you are looking for, free of charge”