Tired of overpriced and slow recruitments?

So are we. That's why we have created an innovative recruitment model that gives you as a customer full control, full flexibility and full transparency — and we dare to say it's all at the best price on the market.
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Our recruiters are the very core of our services and high customer satisfaction.
4.8 based on 200+ reviews

Eat the cake and have it too

We often say that we are your flexible recruitment team. But unlike a recruitment team at your  company, you can switch our team on and off according to your needs. If you have a lot of hiring to do, we will accelerate. If you have lower recruitment needs for a period, you can just pause us.


Sneak start for free

We like to show what we're up for and let you explore our candidate network for free, before deciding if we're right for you.

Kickstart the candidate feed

When you're ready to start, you'll have a dedicated team of industry-specialized recruiters. Your team delivers interview-ready candidates who match your requirements profile.

Interview & Hire

In our standard layout, you can pick up your favorite candidates yourself. And while you're interviewing, we'll continue to supply new candidates - for as long as you wish.

Pause whenever you want

You can literally hit the pause button, whenever you want. Your subscription will be paused until you want to start a new recruitment.

Our Packages

Light, Standard or Premium? Choose a package that suits your needs. We are with you as short or as far as you want in the recruitment process. If you need to add more services, we have solutions for that.


Suitable for small businesses and startups.
1 service, 1 place
Weekly Reconciliations


Teams that grow and want to scale quickly
1 service, 1 place
Search / Headhunting
Weekly Reconciliations
Second Opinion
Reference taking


Larger companies with continuous need.
1 service, 1 place
Search / Headhunting
Weekly Reconciliations
Second Opinion
Reference taking
Interview support (1 month)
Personality test (1 month)
Background check

3 things that set us apart

Try us for free

Before we even agree on a partnership, we will offer you a free candidate list based on your requirements profile. If you feel that we have understood the requirements profile and want to cooperate with us, we will start cooperation in connection with it. If you don't want to get on with us then we won't charge you for the job we've already done.

Monthly plan with no commitment period

Our model is based on a low fixed monthly cost. No hidden costs. We process candidates and present those who match the requirements profile and are interested in you on an ongoing basis. When you are satisfied, press (literally) the pause button to cancel the collaboration. We have no notice or commitment periods.

Recruit more — save more

Do you need to recruit multiple employees within the same requirement profile? Congrats! You pay just as much per month whether it's one or more candidates you want to go ahead with and hire.

Efficient. Rated. Trustworthy.

The numbers speak for themselves. Those who have tried us like us.

Recruitments completed


Google Rating (120+ ratings)


Recurring customers


Incredible employees

Common questions
about our service.

How much do your recruitment services cost?

In our standard package within headhunting, we include providing you with interviewed candidates that match your requirements profile. In addition to this, we have both smaller and larger packages. The price overall starts from 22,500 SEK/month but depends on which package you choose. Contact us for a quote.

How many months does a recruitment usually take?

Of course, it varies from case to case, but on average, expect closer to three months.

Do you have happy customers?

We are happy and proud to say that we do. Feel free to check out our Google reviews where we average a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from both customers and candidates. We also conclude all recruitment projects with an offboarding meeting with the customer to ensure satisfaction and to see if there is anything we can do better for the next collaboration.

Which industries are you familiar with?

We have many recruiters who are also industry specialists with us and cover most industries. Here you can read more about the industries we recruit for the most.

Can my internal HR team collaborate with you?

Absolutely - and we are often the extended and flexible arm of the internal HR team that you connect and disconnect as needed.

More answers in our help center
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