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Recruitment in IT & Tech:Try out the market's most cost-effective and efficient setups for candidate headhunting within IT & Tech
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Recruitment in IT & Tech

At TB-Group, we have extensive experience in recruiting IT and tech professionals. We have specialized teams where recruiters themselves have backgrounds in the industry, some of us with professional backgrounds in design and development. This has given us a very good understanding of both our clients' and candidates' challenges. Together, we have built expertise in areas such as Product Development, Design, and Game Development, among others.

Recruiting in IT & Tech is not an easy task. We could even claim that it is the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of recruitment, especially when it comes to highly skilled and experienced individuals. So how should one proceed? We have not yet found any magical formula, but we are getting closer to something that feels very promising and yields results. Our recruitment team in IT & Tech has been handpicked for their specific knowledge, interest, and network in the industry.

Proactive Recruitment in IT & Tech

As many companies have already experienced, experienced developers in IT and tech are also highly sought after. In most cases, they already have a workplace and a position that they are happy with. Therefore, search and headhunting are the best methods to attract and connect with the right people for your company and your services.

The recruitment process should be efficient, well-structured, and as an employer, you should have a clear picture of why the person in question should switch to your workplace.

We specialize in recruiting for IT & Tech

Over the years, we have built a well-networked, knowledgeable, and experienced recruitment department dedicated to this field. Our flexible and efficient recruitment process gives us and our clients an advantage in finding the best candidates. We help you motivate why the candidate should choose your workplace and act as an advisory sounding board throughout the recruitment process.

about our service

How does the subscription work?

You get a dedicated team of industry-specialized recruiters who provide you with a continuous stream of candidates. Choose the package that suits your needs, press the start button, and start your recruitment of tomorrow's stars.

Is it true that I can try you out for free?

Absolutely. If you have an upcoming recruitment to start, we can look into our candidate network and present some candidates to you, even before you have decided whether you want to collaborate with us. We get the chance to show what we are capable of and also verify if we have correctly understood your requirements. You get the opportunity to see if we can deliver what you are looking for - before you pay a penny for our services.

How far into the recruitment process are you?

We have different packages that extend different lengths into the process. The starting point is to provide you with screened and interviewed candidates that match your requirements profile. If you want us to be involved further into the process, there are packages for that.

Which industries are you familiar with?

We have many recruiters who are also industry specialists with us and cover most industries. Here you can read more about the industries we recruit for the most.

Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Absolutely. You literally press the pause button whenever you want.

What sets your services apart from traditional recruiters?

Three things set us apart significantly from our industry colleagues. 1) Price. We work with a low fixed monthly fee within which we deliver interviewed candidates that match your requirements profile. Our industry colleagues traditionally work with a higher fixed price, often equivalent to three months' salaries for the profile to be filled. You do the math, but almost always our method becomes more cost-effective. 2) No notice periods or binding times. In our standard packages, we have neither notice periods nor binding times. We want to work with customers who want to work with us. 3) Flexibility. You choose your package and any add-ons you want to include in our services. We help you with the parts of the recruitment process that you need help with and have flexible setups that suit both small and large companies.

Do you work nationwide?

Yes, our recruiters work nationwide in Sweden from our Stockholm based office, and we also have an office with local recruiters in Norway. Apart from that we have recruiters with experience from headhunting in the UK, Denmark, Canada and other countries.

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We know everything about the industry

We specialize in your industry. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Dokumentera EU AB

Skilled at listening and addressing our needs, and very flexible

For the past two years, we have used TB-Group to assist us with recruitment, and we are very satisfied. They are adept at listening and addressing our needs and very flexible. We can warmly recommend TB-Group.

Drita Kodra
Recruitment Manager
Drakryggen IT

I can highly recommend TB-Group

TB-Group has supported us in the recruitment process, and we are very satisfied with the candidates they have presented to us. TB-Group is adept at listening to our requirements and expectations and meeting them in the recruitment process. I can warmly recommend TB-Group.

Jonas Hangvar
Lead Happiness Officer

Incredibly professional.

Incredibly professional in their job. They find solutions and go the extra mile. We are a returning customer who has been completely satisfied right from the start! Sofie has put her heart and soul into every recruitment, which has given us brilliant results!

Erika Lundblad
HR Manager
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