How we work

A winning concept in the short and long term

Our successful recruitment process is described below.

How we work

Step 1 – Start-up meeting

Together we discuss how you wish the process to proceed, and we make sure we have the right information to enable us to represent you in the best possible way. During this meeting we also further specify the requirements for the target profile, to ensure that we find exactly the right candidate for your position.

Step 2 – Review of candidates

As soon as we have held our start-up meeting, we go through the candidates we have in our network and map additional individuals who match the target profile we have agreed. When the initial selection process is finished, we perform a joint evaluation to identify the candidates most suitable for further processing.

Rekrytering och search av specialistroller

Step 3 – Processing

When the processing stage is under way, we begin the process of contacting the candidates that have been selected for further processing following the candidate review stage. At this stage you receive a clear indication of the candidates that are open to considering a change of employer, and we present these candidates with the opportunity that exists with you as a potential new employer.

Step 4 – Presentation

When the candidates have shown interest in continuing the process, we produce documentation in the form of a CV and a candidate profile. We provide information that enables you to prepare in the best possible way in order to meet and exceed the candidate’s expectations.

Step 5 – Interview and offer

We are there for you throughout the process and can provide help in administering the booking of interviews, follow-up activities and the obtaining of references if you so wish. Our main aim during this part of the process is to act as a sounding board for both parties and help to move the dialogue forward. We analyse the situation to identify what is required in order to generate further interest and ultimately reach agreement on an offer of employment.

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