Five Myths About Recruitment During Summer

5 myter om rekrytering

Myths About Recruitment During Summer

Recruiting the best candidates is a critical task for any company, and the summer vacation brings misconceptions about the effectiveness of recruitment efforts.

Although some believe that recruitment slows down during the summer due to vacations and a relaxed atmosphere, the truth is that recruitment services can be advantageous during this time.

In this article, we will address five common myths about recruitment during the summer.

Myth 1: “No one is looking for jobs during the summer.”

A common misconception is that job seekers are less active during the summer months. However, despite the vacation period, there are still many people actively seeking new opportunities or contemplating and reflecting on their current employment situation.

Find qualified candidates when they are considering a job change

Qualified candidates are often more accessible and receptive to exploring job opportunities during this time, making summer a great time to engage with talent.

Myth 2: “Companies put recruitment on hold until autumn.”

As experienced headhunters, we know that some companies may wait until autumn, but many proactive companies take advantage of the summer to recruit while their competitors are on vacation and not actively pursuing top candidates.

Kickstart the autumn while competitors are slow to start

In fact, many companies strive to fill key positions and plan for future expansion during the summer. There is less competition for top candidates, more flexible schedules, and often greater availability of candidates. This puts companies ahead of the game when autumn arrives.

Myth 3: “Recruitment efforts are less effective during the summer.”

While it is true that summer is often associated with a relaxed atmosphere, it does not diminish the effectiveness of recruitment efforts.

Increased efficiency due to summer

In fact, recruitment services can become even more effective during this time when strategies are adapted. Top candidates who are normally difficult to reach and heavily pursued by various recruiters suddenly have time for reflection on their employment situation and are more open to initial curiosity conversations.

Myth 4: “Vacations hinder the recruitment process.”

Another myth is that vacations disrupt the recruitment process and lead to delays.

Smart planning = recruit early

With smart and thoughtful scheduling, online interviews, and an established candidate network, summer can be a perfect time for an efficient process.

Myth 5: “Recruiters are unavailable during the summer”

One might think that recruiters themselves take time off during the summer, which could make it difficult to conduct a successful recruitment process. However, reputable players in this industry, like companies in other sectors, plan according to their clients’ needs and demands.

We will help you find your dream candidate during the summer

Regardless of the season, at TB-Group, we ensure that skilled and motivated recruiters in various specialist areas are available for our clients.

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5 myter om rekrytering