TB-Group’s CEO & Co-Founder Jusef Issa Participates in BreakIt’s Recruitment Panel

Jusef Issa på TB-Group i Breakit Talent+Culture panel

On May 24th, TB-Group had the privilege of participating in the inaugural Talent+Culture event hosted by BreakIt. This event, held at Epicenter Stockholm, Sweden, brought together approximately 200 attendees for engaging panel discussions and insightful speeches. Jusef Issa, CEO & Co-Founder of TB-Group, was invited to join a panel focusing on AI and Recruitment.


As one of the fastest-growing companies in Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) and a leading name in headhunting across Sweden, TB-Group was honored to contribute to the AI and recruitment discussion. The panel, moderated by Paulina Modlitba, also featured distinguished participants Fredrik Östgren from Hubert AI and Sohrab Fadai from Heartspace. They explored various aspects of how AI can support recruitment firms in efficiently screening large volumes of CVs and discussed the tools that enhance everyday operations in the recruitment industry.



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