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To effectively attract, retain, and cultivate your team’s skills, a well-defined job description is imperative. Surprisingly, many employers either neglect to create job descriptions or hastily draft them, resulting in crucial elements being overlooked. This carries the risk of uncertainty and conflicts during salary negotiations or union discussions.

At TB-Group, we possess extensive knowledge in recruitment and work processes. Collaborating with our proficient recruitment teams, we have curated a collection of our finest recommendations on creating clear job descriptions. By utilizing our comprehensive guide and template, you can mitigate the risk of unpleasant surprises and foster expanded areas of responsibility, thereby fostering contented personnel.

Free template for crafting precise job descriptions

By employing our template when formulating a job description, you ensure the inclusion of all crucial information. Consequently, both your organization and its employees can feel confident in understanding the fundamental tasks and expected outcomes associated with their employment.

What is a job description?

A job description represents a concise overview of information pertaining to an individual’s employment. This encompasses responsibilities, expectations, and administrative details such as social security numbers. A well-defined job description forms the foundation for salary negotiations, expanded duties, or company reorganizations. Moreover, it should outline the expectations placed on employees, thereby fostering a safe and transparent work environment.

While there is no statutory requirement mandating the distribution of job descriptions, the Employment Protection Act stipulates that everyone possesses the right to information regarding their employment. Thus, developing a robust and up-to-date job description is highly advisable. As there is no publicly available template for job descriptions, their appearance may vary significantly.

The significance of a clear job description

Clarity is paramount when constructing a job description. The UK’s Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) regulation on organizational and social work environment, implemented in 2016, specifically highlights the significance of clarity. In order to ascertain responsibility for a task, there must be explicit documentation that is regularly updated. This will facilitate efficient decision-making based on an employee’s job description. For instance, if an employee is assigned additional tasks not outlined in their standard job description, this could indicate the need for a salary review.

Therefore, we advocate for creating specific rather than generic job descriptions. Additionally, job descriptions can serve as a supportive tool and template during union negotiations, company reorganizations, or salary discussions. In such cases, precise data can be defined on behalf of all parties involved.

Template for an exemplary job description

A comprehensive job description should incorporate company-specific details, such as the company name and number. Subsequently, it should outline the role’s scope, including the title, position, tasks, and areas of responsibility. Furthermore, it should feature the immediate supervisor’s information, along with the date, location, and signature.

We strongly recommend periodically reviewing and updating the job description with current information. To streamline this process, we have developed a standardized template that maximizes the likelihood of creating a successful job description. It’s actually quite short – but gathers the essentials in a modern and easy-to-use way.

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