Competency-Based Requirement Profile: Free Template

vad är kompetensbaserad rekrytering och hur fungerar det

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Competency-Based Requirement Profile

A successful recruitment process is the culmination of a meticulously planned and well-structured approach. By employing a clear job description, a comprehensive requirement profile, and a systematic framework for interviews, background checks, and references, you can be confident in achieving a favorable outcome.

What is a requirement profile?

The requirement profile plays a vital role in the preparatory phase of a recruitment process. It involves defining the skills, knowledge, and essential qualities required for the role. A harmonious match between the requirement profile and the candidate forms the foundation for a successful recruitment, ensuring the right person is placed in the right position.

When developing a requirement profile, it is crucial to avoid creating an overly extensive wishlist that lacks careful consideration and realism. Without a well-crafted requirement profile, the recruitment process is at a high risk of falling short of expectations.

What does competency-based recruitment entail?

Competency-based recruitment entails a structured approach where the recruitment process revolves around the competencies required for the position. This method is widely recognized as an evidence-based, effective, and precise approach.

In our free template, competencies encompass experiences, knowledge, abilities, and personal qualities that collectively enable an individual to excel in the job. By meticulously specifying these skills, you enhance the likelihood of recruiting the right person based on factual evidence, minimizing the risk of subjective assessments.

The benefits of adopting a competency-based requirement profile:

  1. A clearer job advertisement (read more here!)
  2. More relevant candidates
  3. Streamlined recruitment process
  4. Cost-effective recruitment
  5. Reduced risk of costly misrecruitment
  6. Enhanced accuracy in finding the ideal candidate

The requirement profile throughout various stages of the recruitment process:

  1. Designing the job advertisement
  2. Crafting interview questions
  3. Conducting competence assessments
  4. Evaluating profiles and personalities
  5. Obtaining references through targeted questioning
  6. Establishing a foundation for data-driven decision-making, reducing reliance on intuition and avoiding discrimination.

Is a new requirement profile necessary for each new recruitment?

Well, the answer is yes, or at the very least, a review of the latest requirement profile used for a similar role. Assess whether the existing requirement profile remains relevant or if new skills are now essential compared to previous years. Industries such as IT, an area in which TB-Group specializes, witness rapid advancements within a short span of time, which may influence the requirement profile.

For entirely new positions, it is imperative to develop a well-considered requirement profile. Seek input from colleagues or subject matter experts to ensure comprehensive coverage and avoid overlooking critical aspects.

Download our free template to create the perfect requirement profile

At TB-Group, we possess extensive expertise in recruitment and headhunting. Together with our dedicated recruitment team, we have compiled our finest recommendations for creating a clear requirement profile.

By employing our template early in the recruitment process, you can ensure the inclusion of all vital information. This provides you and your colleagues with confidence in understanding the job’s responsibilities and expected outcomes.

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External sources writing about Competency-Based Requirement Profiles and other HR related topics

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  2. UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE): The HSE provides guidance and regulations related to health, safety, and well-being at work. They may have publications or resources that touch upon competency-based approaches and requirement profiles in the context of occupational health and safety. Their website ( is a reliable source of information.
  3. Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service): Acas is an independent public body that provides guidance and support to employers and employees in the UK. They offer resources on various employment-related topics, including recruitment and job descriptions. While they may not specifically mention competency-based requirement profiles, their guidance can still be valuable in shaping your understanding of recruitment practices. Visit their website at
  4. HRZone: HRZone is an online publication that covers HR-related topics and provides insights and best practices. They often have articles and expert contributions discussing competency-based approaches to recruitment and the importance of requirement profiles. You can find relevant articles on their website at



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