About TB-Group

Get to know us and our background

TB-Group is a recruitment firm that was founded in 2017 with a vision of creating the world’s best workplace. Today we are well on the way to achieving this vision.

Our journey to date

2017 was a year with many exciting events. Sweden qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Crown Princess Victoria celebrated her 40th birthday, and TB-Group was founded!

TB-Group was founded in Stockholm by two young guys who shared a clear vision – we wanted to create the world’s best workplace, where Mondays aren’t as tough as in American films. Thanks to our comprehensive industry background, we had noticed how the internal atmosphere at the workplace was reflected in the delivery to clients, and it was in this context we decided that we wanted to do and be part of something truly different. Our goal is to stand out from the crowd and offer something fresh and new in an industry characterised by a high level of competition. We don’t just write our values on a poster on the wall; we incorporate them into everything we do and use them as our guiding star in our daily work.

Today, TB-Group is a well-known brand in Sweden, with a team of dedicated employees who help companies throughout the country with their recruitment needs.

Why choose TB-Group?

Efficient processes

We are there for you all the way, supporting your existing recruitment processes and helping to make the meeting with each individual candidate more efficient and effective. By providing feedback and coaching, we can help you improve and individualise each separate process, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Long-term on your terms

The key to sustainable and qualitative growth is a proactive work method. We help with mapping and proactive processing of the market of candidates that are of interest for your particular business. By getting to know you as an employer and the needs you have in your organisation, we help you find the right person at the right time.

Industry expertise

As with most things, recruitment is based on creating trust and confidence. In our case this means creating trust and confidence in relation to potential candidates; having the ability to understand their situation and show them how we can help them progress in their professional career. To achieve this we need to have a great understanding of the industries and sectors in which we work, as well as thorough knowledge of the challenges and preferences that exist in today’s labour market. We therefore work in industry-specific teams to enable a more in-depth approach in each separate area of expertise. In this way our recruiters are able to utilise unique contact networks that have been developed over time.

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