Checklist: 11 Tips for Writing the Perfect Job Advertisement

tips för hur skriver man en bra jobbannons

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At TB-Group, we have reviewed countless job advertisements across various industries and specialties. Some ads stand out, instantly capturing attention, while others may appear flat and one-sided. The key is to create an advertisement that attracts the right skills and candidates for the position you aim to fill. Below, we provide tips and a checklist to help you craft a compelling job ad.

Checklist: 11 tips

  1. Select an engaging headline that clearly communicates the job opportunity. Consider adding a touch of creativity to reflect your company’s culture, especially in certain industries.
  2. Choose an appropriate job title, keeping in mind that titles can vary between companies despite similar responsibilities. Reflect on whether “head,” “manager,” “responsible,” “coordinator,” or similar terms best suit the role.
  3. Provide a clear description of the position while avoiding excessive details. Make sure the scope is easily understood by those skimming the ad or encountering it in their feeds or emails.
  4. Highlight what your company offers. This is often overlooked but vital information for job seekers. Remember that the current generation values employer offerings beyond just salary.
  5. Emphasize career development pathways and internal training opportunities if your company provides them. Promoting growth prospects can be advantageous in attracting candidates.
  6. Avoid copying and pasting from old ads. While there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, review previous job descriptions to ensure their effectiveness and relevance. Consider any new requirements or tools that have emerged since.
  7. Distinguish between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” Avoid overwhelming candidates with an exhaustive wish list. Our example of a requirements profile can help guide this differentiation.
  8. Describe your company culture. Cultural fit can greatly influence candidates’ interest. Studies show that many prioritize company culture over salary when making job choices.
  9. Utilize bulleted lists to enhance readability. Lengthy blocks of text can discourage candidates from fully engaging with the ad, potentially missing relevant details.
  10. Be mindful of abbreviations and acronyms. While they can be advantageous for candidates familiar with the terms, excessive or confusing usage can detract from the ad’s effectiveness.
  11. Inject a personal and engaging tone. Don’t hesitate to showcase your company’s personality and culture. Resourceful expressions and a touch of charm can capture interest and provide candidates with a glimpse into your organization.


Tools for designing your job ad

When designing ads for social media sharing, platforms like Canva offer flexible templates worth exploring.


At TB-Group, we also offer premium packages that include assistance with writing job ads. Feel free to contact us for further information and support.



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tips för hur skriver man en bra jobbannons